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Beloved the world over as an inspiration, Kristé has helped people all over the globe answer their most pressing questions, connect with their higher selves and reach their desired level of happiness.


Kristé was born an intuitive empath and is highly connected to the Archangels. In her twenties and thirties, she began studying the mysteries of the universe. Kristé holds a Master’s in Metaphysical Science and a Doctorate in Transpersonal Counseling. Certifications include Reiki Master, Charm Casting, Angel Therapy and Recovery Coaching just to name a few.


"I believe we are all happiest when we are our most complete and true selves," says Kristé. As you embark on your personalized journey rooted in traditional wisdom and innovative complementary therapies, you will become in touch with your natural wisdom, truth, passions, peace and joy, dissolving unnecessary fears and discovering lasting happiness. We all have unlimited potential for healing, health, peace and happiness.


Kristé’s reading style and counseling/coaching is honest, compassionate, angelic solution oriented and discrete. By combining her intuitive senses along with magical divination tools, readings are highly detailed and accurate.


Counseling/coaching is heart-centered, educational based, honest and compassionate.


Kristé, like so many, has experienced deep heartache at different times in her life. However, she has always kept her light shining bright. Because she understands the human condition, she is supportive to the emotional and mental health of others.


Before studying metaphysics and obtaining her Ph.D. Kristé worked as a labor and delivery practical nurse, chiropractic assistant and Fitness and Wellness Coordinator.


Kristé’s passions include charm casting, card readings, teaching, meditating, dancing, hiking, walking in the woods, jogging, yoga, spending time with family and of course lounging with her three adorable cats.


Kristé is excited to be part of your journey to your deeper discoveries.

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