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Gateway to Happy: Online Tea Leaf Readings

Tea Leaf Readings AKA Tasseography is a divination method we use to interpret patterns in tea leaves. Tea leaf readings direct energy when we focus our intention on the tea. The leaves become energetic conduits, capable of mirroring our experiences, including the ones in our future. Online tea leaf readings can reveal hidden blockages, offer advice and even forecast the future. A reader sees these mystical messages within the wet leaves' shape, density, color and placement.

The way that online tea leaf readings work is simple. Use loose-leaf black tea and make a cup and drink it slowly, concentrating on your question. Then, email three well-lit pictures of the leaves in your cup. You'll receive a response within seven business days. Within the email will be the results of your online tea leaf readings, complete with a labeled diagram of your tea leaf symbols.

Additionally, you'll find a full interpretation of how the symbols relate to your questions about relationships, your career, life purpose and more. Are you curious about online tea leaf readings? Why not get in touch online and book your first session today?

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