Understanding Lenormand Card Readings

If you are a fortune-telling enthusiast or oracle card reader with a thirst for drawing cards to discover patterns and gain a much deeper insight, Lenormand card readings should be your next major spiritual upgrade. Compared to tarot cards, Lenormand card readings have different symbols and invite a unique divination approach. The Lenormand deck is named after Marie Anne Lenormand. She was a Napoleonic era professional fortune-teller whose spiritual prowess enlightened top advisors during the French Revolution.

What Are Lenormand Card Readings?

Lenormand card readings are a cartomancy alternative and provide a more practical interpretation compared to the Tarot. Unlike Tarot, they focus predominantly on everyday happenings rather than psychological feelings. These cards emphasize practical matters, such as “how” instead of “why,” and can create a powerful effect when combined with Tarot meanings to get a clearer overall picture. Lenormand card readings rely on pairs and strings instead of sticking to a rigid structure of positions, spreads, and individual card meanings. Thanks to the two-card combination, an extra layer is added to strengthen a reading to determine a chain of events.

How Are Online Lenormand Card Readings Done?

There are 36 cards in the deck. Lenormand readings offer more clarity by using pairs of cards as opposed to individual drawings. The first card is usually the noun or subject, while the second card is the modifier, such as an adjective or adverb. During Lenormand card readings, each card is treated as a word, and pairing them creates a sentence. The order of the cards ultimately indicates whether a card is a subject or a modifier.

For example, you may pick two cards where one is a house and the other is a dog. If the house comes first, that is the subject, and the dog is the modifier. So, the reading could be “House of a friend.” But if the dog card comes before the house, the prediction would change to “Pet of the family.” The results you get may be precise, odd, literal, surprising, and even funny at times. However, you will be impressed by these readings’ accuracy and how much simpler they are to understand compared to the Tarot.

Another method is to pull a spread of 3 cards in the morning to prepare for any energies you may encounter. The first step is to formulate a question because that is the most essential part of Lenormand card readings. Without asking for something, you may not have any intention or context, and the cards will not provide a coherent message. It is best to start by asking, “What will I experience today?” or “What am I going to encounter today?”

The second step is to shuffle the cards while thinking about your question. There is no right way to rearrange them, and you can use any ritual to help you tune in. Ideally, you should try to hold the cards and concentrate on centering yourself while repeating the question in your mind.

After shuffling the cards, lay them face down in front and flip each one over one at a time. You can also place them facing upward if you prefer reading them immediately. Let the center card be your focus, and the remaining two will reinforce that message. Each card will have its own keywords and meanings assigned to them, and this what you will combine with the other cards to interpret your spread. For spreads, if you draw three cards, that are Sun, Letter, and Bouquet. The Sun card would mean happiness, brightness, and energy. The Letter card could mean that you are about to receive an invite to a gathering or some news, and the Bouquet card represents beauty and happiness. Since the Letters card in the middle would focus on your question, your day could revolve around receiving an exciting invitation to something that makes you happy.

What Are the Benefits of Lenormand Card Readings?

Lenormand card readings offer impeccable clarity and guidance because each card has specific nouns and adjectives. For instance, the Clover card centers around opportunity and luck as the nouns, and optimism or hopefulness as the adjectives. The Ship card means to travel or bid farewell, with adventure and risk-taking being the adjectives. All 36 cards in the deck used for Lenormand card readings have precise nouns and adjectives to paint a clearer picture, rather than leaving them open to broad interpretation.

While Tarot cards draw out a querent’s inner motivations and feelings to predict events, Lenormand cards represent external and concrete activities in a person’s life. They represent a map of a person’s life during a particular moment. If you want to find out where someone is located, who they are with, and what affects their current situation, Lenormand card readings will provide the best answers. There are numerous combinations of Lenormand cards for infinite interpretations, and these messages become much more straightforward and accurate with time and practice.

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