What Are Charm Casting Readings?

Charm casting is a powerful divination tool that uses charms, trinkets and small baubles that are spread across a special mat to depict different aspects of a person’s life. The charms on this unique mat represent distinct symbolism and are scattered across different areas to reveal truths and provide valuable insights when predicting the future.

How Are Charm Casting Readings Done?

If you are interested in a divination tool to seek specific answers, especially regarding your career prospects, financial gains, relationships, life path, soul purpose and healing, charm casting is the best way to see what the future has in store for you.

A mat will be placed in front of you with alphabets covering the outside circle during the reading. These will represent a person, place or thing. The slightly inner circle consists of numbers that will specify the timing of a future event. For example, if you want your charm casting session to determine when you will score your next job promotion, this numbered circle will let you know a particular timeframe to help manage expectations.

Finally, the inner circles contain all the significant symbols where your charm will land after being cast onto the mat. These charms on the mat’s signs will interpret your future predictions depending on their final position on this divination tool.

What Do Symbols on The Charm Casting Mat Represent?

In the innermost circle, you will spot a dress to represent a female, a suit to specify a male, a rose for a mature female, and a pipe for an elder male. Alongside these, you will also see a ring that means commitment or union, a baby for rebirth or bringing joy into the world, a telephone for communication, and an anchor that signals stability and feeling secure.

Encircling these symbols on the outer row, you will find fate, a mirror to tell you what you need to look at or reflect on, the castle representing a business or career. You will also see a pair of cherries indicating future opportunities, a house that always signals home and family, and a heart that stands for love and relationships. Towards the bottom, there is a medicine bottle for physical and mental wellbeing and healing. As you continue anti-clockwise along this circle, you will see two symbols for both big and small upcoming announcements, a plane propeller to signify travel, a dollar sign for wealth, and a dog to introduce loyalty and friendship.

How to Get the Most Accurate Charm Casting Readings?

Charm casting is about using your own energy to ask a question you which you want deep insight. If you have a query in mind, dig into the small bag of charms and scatter them across the divination tool. You do not need to use all the charms in your pouch and can grab a few randomly. After your charms have landed on the mat, you can start from the innermost circle in a clockwise direction, and then work towards the outer sphere.

The charm casting pouch or bowl should contain: A charm for luck to indicate fortune and fate, a charm for trouble to signal misfortune or a problem, and a charm for success and happiness. You will also find one for collapse to indicate significant life choices or upheavals, a charm to represent your own energy, another for your mind to emphasize critical thinking and logic, one for the heart to show emotional support, and the final two for new beginnings or endings that could mean new potential or closing an old life chapter to create a fresh start.

How to Interpret the Placement of Charms on This Divination Tool?

If you are struggling with a career decision and a mermaid charm has landed next to the dress symbol, this could mean that a female will be involved to help you. She may be the one to lead you to your new job opportunity or offer guidance to inspire your next move. However, you should also beware of anything that sounds too good to be true because the mermaid charm represents illusion. If an ax lands on the baby symbol, it undoubtedly means that you have some incredibly positive news coming your way. This will require you to make quick decisions because the ax symbolizes swift action. The random placement of this charm will also reassure you that long term problems you have been challenged with will finally get resolved.

There are several possibilities, and charm casting readings are the best way to paint a clearer picture of your future and what may inspire life-changing events. Always remember that nothing is ever set in stone. Charm casting is variable, and you possess the energy to influence your outcome. Therefore, any unfavorable placements on the mat should not worry you because this is a spiritual window to provide hope. When it comes to fortune telling, charm casting is the most personal, fun, magical, and insightful divination tool to get you ready to manifest your dreams and ambitions.

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