Amsterdam Canal and Two Bikes DIY Oil Paint by Number  on Canvas

Amsterdam Canal and Two Bikes DIY Oil Paint by Number on Canvas

EVERYBODY CAN BE A GREAT ARTIST! Amsterdam Canal and Two Bikes


Discover your inner artist with our EASY and FUN Paint by Numbers kit for adults and create your own beautiful and awesome wall art.



It is fun.


Stress Reliever - Painting by Numbers has been scientifically proven to be a stress-reducing activity.


Easy to Use - Our Paint by Numbers kits are easy-to-use yet offer amazing results. Our kits are perfectly suited for beginners and intermediates. Fantastic Group Activity - Great opportunity to spend a night in with your loved ones and to create your own artwork.


DIY Home Decoration - Paint your own wall art, even if you have zero artistic ability.


Perfect Gift Idea - Whether as a birthday present, a Christmas gift or for Mother's Day, they will love it!


Relax - Free your mind from those negative thoughts and emotions that have consumed your day, and allow yourself to enjoy the freedom of painting.


Meditate - Paint by Numbers has been proven to be a form of meditation, as it allows us to clear and free our minds, all while releasing our creative energy.



  • High-quality numbered linen canvas (rolled up) - Size: 16"x20" (40x50cm)
  • Numbered pots with more than enough acrylic paint to color the canvas completely
  • 3 high-quality nylon brushes with different brush tips for a first-class result


Materials: canvas, paint brushes, Paint


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