Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings

We all reach a time in our lives when we can use a little extra guidance, especially in times of uncertainty. Whether you have questions about relationships, career, spiritual growth, or have ruminating questions keeping you up at night, a spiritual reading provides the answers you need to make the best decision for your highest good. 


Readings consist of Oracle Cards, Angel Cards, Lenormand Cards, Tarot Cards, Tea Cards and Charm Casting.


In addition to reading the cards at face value I sink deep into my intuitive, clairempathy and clairsentience abilities along with my gift to connect with the Spiritual Realm which may be in the form of Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, Ascended Masters and Loved Ones.

I use my abilities to choose the best cards spread/divination tool for your highest good based on your question(s).


Card Reading Options: Personalized Recorded Video Sent via Email:

One Question $65

Two Questions $75

Three Questions $85


Card Reading Options: Phone of Video Conferencing:

**One Question Card Reading $95

**Two Question Card Reading $105

**Three Question Card Reading $115


Once you have made payment, I will reply with a welcome email letting you know when to expect your reading to be complete. Readings are typically completed within one to five days and often on the same day of inquiry. 

  • List of Questions

    Asking the right questions in your readings is the key to gaining insight. When we ask good questions, we get good answers. And, when we ask lousy questions, we get crappy answers. To be sure you get the best readings, choose your question(s) from the list of questions below.



    1. What do I need to know/change right now about myself?
    2. What is the biggest obstacle that stands in my way right now?
    3. What lesson do I need to learn to overcome my challenges?
    4. What is the biggest influence on my life right now?
    5. What are my greatest strengths or weaknesses?
    6. What should I be focusing on right now?
    7. What does my inner voice/higher-self want me to know right now?
    8. How can I get more in touch with my spiritual side?
    9. How can I find the motivation to reach my goals?
    10. What do I need to do to find my inner strength?
    11. What action do I need to take to achieve balance in my life?
    12. What can I do to overcome my fears?
    13. What is going to help me heal right now?
    14. What is my calling?
    15. What is my soul’s purpose?
    16. What will help get me through this period of grief?
    17. What baggage do I need to leave behind?
    18. Where can I find inspiration?
    19. How can I reduce my stress levels?
    20. What do I need to let go of?
    21. What issues from the past should I be dealing with?
    22. What lessons do I need to learn before I can grow?
    23. What’s going to help me live an empowered life?
    24. What gifts do I have to share with the world?
    25. What can I do to love myself?
    26. How can I improve my self-esteem?
    27. What false beliefs do I have about myself?
    28. What am I ignoring?


    1. How can I strengthen the bond between me and my crush?
    2. How can I attract a partner that will align with my highest self?
    3. What stands in the way of me finding love?
    4. How can I strengthen the relationship between me and my partner?
    5. What can I do to communicate better with my significant other?
    6. What can I do to attract the best partner for me?
    7. What connects us in this relationship? How can I improve my relationship with ___________?
    8. Which of my personality traits are most likely to attract love?
    9. What obstacles must I overcome to find love?
    10. How can I strengthen my relationship with the one I love?


    1. What’s the best step for me to take now?


    1. What can I do to better my financial situation?
    2. What blocks me from financial success and how can I overcome it?
    3. What career or line of work can I do that will be the most fulfilling?
    4. What blocks me from achieving my full potential?
    5. When is the right time to make a career change?
    6. What actions can I take right now that will help me further my career?
    7. What do I need to do to get through this tough financial time?


    1. What is preventing me achieving my full career potential?
    2. What’s my career calling? How do I move closer to this calling?
    3. How can I advance in my career?
    4. What are my key career weaknesses?
    5. What are my strengths when it comes to my career?


    1. What can I do to overcome grief?
    2. How can I find happiness again and achieve a life of joy?


    1. What should I be doing to improve my overall health?
    2. How can I boost my energy levels?
    3. What is standing in my way of optimum health?
    4. How can I find the courage to cope with a serious health issue?


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