Emailed Video Charm Casting Reading

Emailed Video Charm Casting Reading

Charm Casting is a form of divination during which charms, small baubles and trinkets are gently tossed across a special chart created to depict different aspects of life. Along with reading the charms I tap into my intuitive empathic energies, connect with the Earth Angels and use mediumship abilities to provide deeper meaning into readings. 


Charm casting helps provide answers around relationships, finances, business/career, personal growth, spirituality, general insight or just about anything you want to know. 


Each charm represents a distinct symbol, and the area on the chart in which it lands can reveal surprising truths, dish up valuable insight, and even predict the future as it stands at the time of casting. Charms are based on the Lenormand Cards, Universal Life Themes, and Tarot Cards respectively.


Emailed Video Readings Answered in 1-5 Business Days
Note: Typically, I cast the charms onto an Alphabet or Spread Mat which is best suited for your question.


*One Question Emailed Video Charm Casting Reading = $50

*Two Question Emailed Video Charm Casting Reading = $75
*Three Question Emailed Video Card Casting Reading = $100


(Emailed Reading videos are 10-30 minutes long)


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    Emailed Video Charm Casting Reading

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