Third Eye Chakra - Amethyst Druzy Crystals

Third Eye Chakra - Amethyst Druzy Crystals

Grade AA Amethyst druzy crystal are deep purple with beautiful perfect druzy crystal points! Whoa they are pretty!  


The Third Eye Chakra, controls our ability to see the big picture and connect to intuition. This chakra is the eye of the soul. Insight, intuition, awareness and guidance are the properties of this sixth chakra.


Amethyst: Facilitates meditation, helps communication with one's guides and angles, helps to understand the root cause of ones imbalance or disease, helps reveal self-destructive patterns of the ego, helps those who feel they are not native to planet earth, used to heal addictive behavior patterns and helps with clarity of mind.


This crystal has been charged under the super full moon. Please make sure to charge and cleanse crystals regularly. Crystals you purchase may have some slight variances from the stock photo pictured.   

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