Holistic Happiness Therapy is a fusion of Holistic Counseling and Happiness Coaching.


Holistic Counseling is an integrative approach treating the whole person; supporting emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. The goal is to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself which leads to improved self-awareness, seeing your life as a whole and not just individual parts.


Holistic Care

  • helps you to gain clarity.
  • assists with emotional healing from sadness, anxiety, grief, guilt, substance use, etc.
  • helps you improve your relationships, resolve conflicts and set healthy boundaries.
  • empowers you to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs.
  • aids in managing stress and a balanced life.
  • improves sleep.
  • strengthens your relationship with yourself and your sense of belonging and purpose in the world.


Sessions and homework encompass but are not limited to

  • meditation
  • chakra healing modalities
  • distant reiki
  • self-empowerment affirmations
  • journaling
  • crystal healing
  • aromatherapy
  • breathwork
  • sound therapy
  • mindfulness exercises
  • tools to protect energy
  • talk therapy
  • movement such as dance, walking, yoga, ect.


Happiness Coaching


How often have you been inspired and determined, but fell short of the result you envisioned, or lack the ability to take action?


The road to happiness is different for all of us. How would you like to unleashed your happiness from within while becoming empowered, living with inner peace and reaching your highest potential?


Sessions are based on Positive Psychology; the evidence-based study of what makes people happy, thrive and lead meaningful lives. It’s time to take a deep look at what’s lacking in your life. Discover your life purpose and learn your true desires. Remove roadblocks while putting a personal and powerful action plan in place to maintain happiness.


Along with the holistic therapies above, the happiness coaching sessions and homework encompass but are not limited to

  • discovering your life purpose
  • tapping into inner joy
  • embracing gratitude
  • learning your why (life mission plan/mission statement)
  • And best of all you get complete access to my self-paced happiness course.


The Four Pillars

The four lifestyle factors to improve your health and well-being are nutrition, physical fitness, sleep and stress management.


  • The first pillar is Sleep. Studies show sleep deprivation causes changes to hormones that regulate hunger and appetite, reduce productivity, impair cognitive function and cause chronic disease.
  • The second pillar is Nutrition. Poor nutrition affects not only your physical health, but also mental health.
  • The third pillar is Movement/Exercise. Movement is effective at easing anxiety, tension, and stress increasing metabolism.
  • The fourth pillar is Stress Management. Stress is a natural part of life and we need some of it to motivate and energize us. But too much can create havoc. It can affect your performance, productivity, profitability, relationships and health.


As your motivation coach I help you work through challenges and obstacles interfering with success related to the four pillars. And of course, I encourage and motivate you along the way.


Join the thousands of people across the globe and open the Gateway to YOUR Happy!


Holistic Happiness Therapy $75 per Session.


Once you have made payment, I will email you shortly to discuss an appointment time and answer any questions.


Please read terms of service.



Text or Call 207-610-1606

Email info@gatewaytohappy.com

Holistic Healing and Happiness Therapy

  • It’s perfectly normal to have questions before starting services. Knowing what to expect certainly helps lessen any anxieties.


    I typically blend happiness coaching with holistic therapies; thus, my approach is geared toward Eastern Medicine using heart-centered, solution-focused modalities.


    My practice is set up to help lessen or alleviate general anxiety, sadness, isolation, grief and substance use disorder. A large part of my practice encompasses coping skills, energy healing, life-purpose discovery, personal growth, grounding techniques and relaxation modalities. In addition, much of the focus is on balancing lifestyle, enhancing spirituality and providing a safe and confidential place to express your emotions, be heard and acknowledged.


    You should expect to have homework such as Chakra work, guided meditations, worksheets, exercise, mindfulness-based therapies, music therapy, self-reflections, journaling, happiness self-paced online course, etc.


    Deep traumas such as PTSD, abuse and certain psychiatric diagnosis are NOT my specialties. I do Not work with children, diagnose or prescribe medication.


    My philology is… I work for you but you must be engaged. In order to meet your goals, it’s important to discuss what is working for you and what is not. This way we can make any necessary changes.


    All sessions are confidential unless you state an intent to act on suicidal or homicidal thoughts and if I believe a child or disabled person is being abused.


    My practice is currently on-line only. Sessions are conducted via Zoom, FaceTime, Whatsapp and other video conferencing platforms.


    My fee per session is $75 with payment due 24 hours before your session. PayPal, credit, debit and Venmo are accepted. My cancelation policy is 24 hours advance notice. Without notice I hold the right to keep 50% of payment. Please understand this allows others to book a session.


    I re-evaluate your progress often. If we find you have worked very hard and my approach is not working for you, I may suggest and will assist you with finding another therapist. Sometimes as therapy progresses, we may discover you need a certain type of therapy outside of my scope of practice.


    Overall, you will find me to be compassionate, caring, kind, honest and empathetic. With that said, I will hold you accountable.


    Therapy with me should always feel safe, and you should feel valued as a person. My purpose is to work deeply with you so you may reach your goals and live your life being the best version of yourself.

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