Holistic Happiness Therapy viaTelehealth (Live Video)

Holistic Happiness Therapy viaTelehealth (Live Video)

Holistic Happiness Therapy is a fusion of Holistic Counseling and Happiness Coaching.


Holistic Counseling is an integrative approach to treat the whole person; supporting emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health and healing. The goal is to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself at all levels, which often leads to improved self-awareness seeing your life as a whole and not just in individual parts.


Holistic care

  • helps you to gain clarity. 
  • assists with emotional healing from depression, anxiety, grief, guilt, trauma, substance use, etc.
  • helps you improve your relationships, resolve conflicts and set healthy boundaries.
  • empowers you to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs.
  • aids in managing stress and balanced life.
  • strengthens your relationship with yourself and your sense of belonging and purpose in the world.


Sessions and homework encompass but are not limited to

  • meditation
  • chakra healing modalities 
  • distant reiki 
  • self-empowerment affirmations
  • journaling
  • crystal healing
  • aromatherapy
  • breathwork
  • sound therapy
  • mindfulness exercises
  • tools to protect energy
  • talk therapy
  • movement such as dance, walking, yoga, ect.


Happiness Coaching


How often have you been inspired and determined, but fell short of the result you envisioned, or lack the ability to take action? 


The road to happiness is different for all of us. How would you like to unleashed your happiness from within while becoming empowered, living with inner peace and reaching your highest potential?


Sessions are based on Positive Psychology; the evidence-based study of what makes people happy, thrive and lead meaningful lives. It’s time to take a deep look at what’s lacking in your life. Discover your life purpose and learn your true desires. I'll help you do this by removing roadblocks while putting a personal and powerful action plan in place to maintain your happiness.


Along with the holistic therapies above, the happiness coaching sessions and homework encompass but are not limited to

  • discovering your life purpose
  • tapping into inner joy
  • embracing gratitude
  • learning your why (life mission plan/mission statement)
  • And best of all you get complete acess to my self-paced happiness course. 


Join the thousands of people I've worked with across the globe and open the Gateway to YOUR Happy!


Holistic Happiness Therapy $75 per Session.


Once you have paid, I will email you within 12 hours to discuss an appointment time and answer any questions.


Please read terms of service.



Text or Call 207-610-1606

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