Card & Charm Casting Readings: Phone or Video Conferencing

Card & Charm Casting Readings: Phone or Video Conferencing

Card Readings provide the answers you need to make the best decision for your highest good. Card Readings consist of Oracle Cards, Angel Cards, Lenormand Cards, Tarot Cards and Tea Cards.


Live Card Readings provide clarity to help align your mind and soul using my favorite decks. In addition, live Readings encompass calming energy and deep compassionate conversation to support you in troubling times.


Typically, I use my intuitive abilities to choose the best cards and spread for you based on your question(s).


Charm Casting is a divination system where symbolic charms are cast upon an image-rich casting cloth in order to interpret messages and gain clarity to life’s deepest questions. Depending on where the charms fall on the cloth and in relation to each other, we get a wonderful look at how things are going in your life, what to evade, how to grow, what to let go of and how to heal. The reading can be focused on one question or be more of a general reading where we look at various areas of your life such as work, relationships, spiritual path, and so on. So, if you are looking for powerful insight and have questions about career path, relationships, life path, how to protect your energy, etc., then this is the reading for you.


In addition to reading the cards at face value I sink deep into my intuitive, clairempathy and clairsentience abilities along with my gift to connect with the Spiritual Realm which may be in the form of Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, Ascended Masters and Loved Ones.


Card Reading Options:

**One Question Card Reading: Phone or Video Conferencing $95

**Two Question Card Reading: Phone or Video Conferencing $105

**General Card Reading: Phone or Video Conferencing $95


Charm Casting Options:

**One Question Charm Casting Reading: Phone or Video Conferencing $95

**Two Question Charm Casting Reading: Phone or Video Conferencing $105

**General Charm Casting Reading: Phone or Video Conferencing $95


Once you have made payment, I will reply with a welcome email letting you know when to expect your reading to be complete. Readings are typically completed within one to five days and often on the same day of inquiry. 


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Text or Call 207-610-1606


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