Luxury Detox Himalayan Salt Soak

Luxury Detox Himalayan Salt Soak

Dive deep into a luxurious bath experience like never before with Salisha's orange mint luxurious bathing salt soak. Featuring the finest French clay and magnesium-rich mineral salts to leave you relaxed and completely stress-free with every bath. 




Our triple action bath soak is all you need to relax your sore muscles and reduce inflammation, naturally. 



  • Experience better mood and reduced pain with our proprietary blend of three types of magnesium-rich salts including Himalayan sea salt
  • Enhanced with the cleansing, detoxing effects of French green clay.
  • Detoxify toxins, reduce pain, and stress levels naturally.
  • Amazing scent of minty orange creamsicle


Ingredients: Himalayan sea salt, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulphate, French green clay, bentonite clay, dead sea salt, organic orange essential oil, organic peppermint essential oil. *Natural clumping may occur. 


Size: 6 fl.oz

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