Tantric sex can be a fun, rewarding, and a meaningful way to deepen your sex life.


Tantra is a Sanskrit term that translates to “weave” or “unify” energy. Tantra is about transcending both the sexual and spiritual realms by engaging deeply in meditative, spontaneous, and intimate sex. Tantra promotes deeper intimacy by using breath, slower touch, energy, and delayed orgasm.


Tantric sex uses sexual rituals meant to help connect with your partner in a way which worships and serves each other. Partners turn the focus on building and prolonging arousal. Together partners wholeheartedly celebrate the sacredness of their bodies and desires while bringing a quality of mindful awareness to the shared expression of pleasure and to a more intimate experience of the present moment.


Tantric Sex:

  • Releases shame, trauma and blocks around sex
  • Enhances intimacy, physical pleasure, self-connection and sexual health
  • Eases anxiety and boost hormones


If you would like lovemaking to last and last, experience ecstasy, and are ready to be more intimate, then you’re ready for tantric sex.


As a Tantra Practitioner I help partners increase their connection to their erotic energy and the divine aspects of sexuality. Sessions are remote via video conferencing.


Once you have paid, I will email you within 12 hours to discuss an appointment time and answer any questions.


Tantric Sexual Training for Couples $75 per Session


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Tantric Sex Training for Couples


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