Each year, more Americans die from drug overdose than from vehicle accidents. Because of this, I am committed to aid in recovery by working with individuals from recovery initiation, to stabilization and into recovery maintenance.


The Substance Use Recovery Coaching model provides a form of strength-based support to help individuals successfully find ways to reach abstinence and/or reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors.


Below is the model used:

• Assess for crisis.

• Promote recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to sustaining recovery.

• Assist the Recoveree in connecting with community-based support and other resources deigned to help make the transition from addiction to a life free of addiction. Some resources may include; in-patient rehabilitation, shelter, landlord friendly housing, low income housing, sober living, support groups, counselors, Medicated-Assisted Treatment, free programs/services, transportation, job placement, education, financial advisement, food pantries, clothing, health insurance, holistic treatments, medical providers, legal services, peer support, etc.

• Assist Recoveree in developing a recovery wellness plan.

• Promote recovery by encouraging and empowering the Recoveree and assisting in moving though the stages of change.

• Provide check-ins between scheduled sessions to promote support and accountability.

• Serve as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking, or already in, recovery as well as help persons in recovery with decision making.


Sessions are 50 minutes via video conferencing.


Recovery Coaching Sessions $75.


Once you have paid, I will email you within 12 hours to discuss an appointment time and answer any questions.


Please visit Terms of Service page.



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​​​​​​Substance Use Recovery Coaching


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