Tea Leaf Reading: Sent Via Email with Picture and Descriptions

Tea Leaf Reading: Sent Via Email with Picture and Descriptions

If you watched Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban then you are familiar with the divination tool, Tasseography. Tasseography is all about your energy becoming infused into tea leaves, which then form themselves into symbols in the cup to communicate messages.


As the reader I look for insight by reading the patterns or identifying symbols created by loose tea leaves left over after the tea has been drunk. The messages found in the shapes and configurations of the tea leaves are then interpreted to answer your question(s).


These readings are used to gain guidance and advice about difficult situations as well as the past, present and future. Each reading is unique offering specific symbols, including – but not limited to – lucky numbers, spirit guides, dates, animals, names, ancestors, angels and so on.


You will receive via email within 7 days a labeled diagram of your tea leaves and full-length description of what each symbol means for you. 


For more information, please watch the video above and read my blog here.


Card Reading Options:

**One Question Reading. Enjoy a cup of tea and send me three well-lit pictures of the leaves in your cup. **SEE VIDEO FOR INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE** $75

*One Question Reading. I will drink your tea for you holding your intention and connecting to your energy. $100


Once you have made payment, I will reply with a welcome email letting you know when to expect your reading to be complete. Readings are typically completed within one to five days and often on the same day of inquiry. 


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