Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance and Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki energy healing is a unique experience for every individual. During Reiki energy healing, you may experience heat, cold, tingling or pulsing, among other sensations. On the other hand, some people don't feel anything at all. However, Reiki healing energy flows regardless of whether you feel it or not. As your body releases negative energy, you may feel extreme joy, sadness or anger, and you could even laugh or cry uncontrollably. You could even see colorful lights, connect with Spirits, find clarity on an ongoing issue, or sleep more deeply than ever before.

Reiki energy healing occurs in different ways. It helps to have spiritual guidance along the way, which is why Reiki energy healing doesn't stop after the initial session. Reiki practitioners don't offer a diagnosis. Instead, they share intuitive sensations and provide spiritual guidance. Although people usually feel refreshed and even a little lighter after a Reiki session, sometimes fatigue or energy shifts are noticeable as the body releases the negative energy, another reason to work with a Reiki Master who offers spiritual guidance.

Additionally, the practitioner can perform Reiki as a distance energy work. The practitioner channels Reiki energy healing as you find a quiet space to allow you more sensitivity to the Reiki. You may lay, sit, meditate, play relaxing music, burn sage, light candles or use another way to quiet your mind. Once the Reiki energy healing is complete, the practitioner will send an email offering insights and spiritual guidance. You may also schedule a video chat or a telephone conversation.

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